Machine Learning and AI

While machine learning and AI has been around for a while, recent improvements in the speed of computing has made it feasible for the general industry to us. Machine learning is a form of “deep learning,” where machines possess the ability to enhance their performance and decision-making skills without human intervention. Some potential uses for machine learning and AI:

  • Financial planning and prediction
  • Automation of more complicated tasks

  • Scientific analysis of high res datasets

  • Marketing automation

And much more. The projects involving ML and AI that Prometheus works on tend to be focused on the following areas; Fin-tech, mar-tech and scientific analysis

Sustainable Technology

Planning for society in the future is about the redevelopment of our cities and expert management of global natural resources. Whether it concerns sustainability practices, transportation improvements, architectural standards, alternative energy sources, ocean cleanup, reforestation or urban agriculture there are new technologies being developed to address these issues. Our quest is to bring these technologies to the market and help scale them to enable global impact. Some of the research projects we look into are:

  • Sustainable energy: solar, wind, ocean, etc

  • Sustainable food production: aeroponics, hydroponics, plant-based food, etc

  • Efficient automation systems to manage sustainable systems


At the Prometheus, we are actively working on research projects involving space-tech. Mainly focusing on creating innovative cube-sat tech as well as software tools that can make space travel more cost effective. Some of the areas we focus on are:

  • Cube sats

  • Automation

  • Resource mining

Quantum Computing

Quantum computing has the potential to change the way science and technology works. When applied to some of the hardest problems to solve today, quantum computing promises to empower industry and science. Based in the science of quantum physics and taking advantage of superposition of qbits, the increase in computing power can take a problem that would take classical computers billions of years to solve and resolve them to weeks or months. Some of the topics that we are working on are:

  • Quantum algorithms using existing emulator frameworks available, i.e., Microsoft and IBM

  • Possible applications in ML and AI

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