Prometheus started as a small research group in 2014 within Chapin Industries. The group was made up of a few individuals that Seth Chapin, CEO of Chapin Industries, worked with at NASA. Although the group was not part of NASA, we spent our time researching into various avenues in the realm of computer science, green technologies like aeroponics/energy generation and emerging technology.

Ever since, at Prometheus, we spend our time researching into technologies and ideas to constantly look for the next innovation.

What We Do

We are a research and development group, part of Chapin Industries. We conduct research across many disciplines to innovate and discover. We believe that in order to succeed, one should always be learning and attempting the unknown

  • Results driven – creating new products and ideas
  • Driven to innovate – by attempting the unknown
  • Research – into emerging fields and how it can play into the market

We drive our innovations and ideas through research and experimentation

Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team that manages all of the research and development going on at Prometheus

Seth Chapin
Seth ChapinCEO / Founder
15 years of experience in the IT sector. Founded Chapin Industries, High Score Labs and Prometheus
Bryan Seeds
Bryan SeedsCTO of Chapin Industries
Over 20 years of experience working across several different specializations in technology

“Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.”


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