Basics of ANN

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Basics of Artificial Neural Networks ANN, I am sure that many have seen or heard this before. ANN is a type of machine learning algorithm, which emulates how neurons function in a brain. The acronym means ‘artificial neural network’. It is probably one of the more popular, well [...]

How to make agar plates

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How to make agar plates In this article, we will be working on making agar plates. The purpose of such a plate is to grow organisms and experiment. The required materials are Plates LB agar media Scale A glass bottle Gloves Put gloves on and measure out the [...]

What are quantum logic gates

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What are quantum logic gates? With classical computing, different logic gates are used to perform operations on bits. Some of the common gates in classical computing are: AND, XOR, OR, CNOT, NOT, NAND, etc. These gates are at the base of how a system is able to manipulate [...]

What is quantum computing

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What is quantum computing? There is a lot of hype in the IT space regarding quantum computing. Just what is it and what can it do? Although it is highly unlikely that quantum computing will replace classical computers anytime soon, the one big advantage that quantum computing has [...]

Hydroponics the Cost Advantages

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Hydroponics – Cost Advantages There are many sustainability issues in the world today, especially in agriculture. Part of the problem is the expanding population and the resource requirements that are ever increasing to meet the demands. One of the most used resources in traditional agriculture is water, simply [...]

Quantum Algorithms

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Quantum Algorithms Quantum computing has been on the rise in popularity the last couple of years, with Google, Microsoft and IBM leading the way. We know that in order for a computer to do anything useful, it often makes use of reusable ways of solving problems known as [...]